WOUNDED WARRIORS GUIDE SERVICE is a cost free guide service founded by veterans for veterans. We here at WOUNDED WARRIORS GUIDE SERVICE provide waterfowl hunting opportunities for our vets that have been wounded serving our great nation. At WOUNDED WARRIORS GUIDE SERVICE we are always preparing for the waterfowl season and decided that we want to share our great experiences with those who have sacrificed greatly for our country.

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My name is David Morse, I am the President of Wounded Warrior Guide Service ND. Wounded Warriors Guide Service was founded by veterans, for veterans, to honor their sacrifices and service to our country! Our 501C3 Non-Profit Organization specializes in sponsoring and guiding outdoor adventures for those heroes who have given so much to defend our freedoms. It is alarming that the suicide rate continues to climb among these returning heroes from WWII through today’s Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. What we wish to accomplish is to aid the healing process by showing great appreciation and through immersion into the great outdoors where memories are made and the stressors of daily life are absolved.

We began in 2009 in Bemidji, MN and since then have expanded to three all volunteer chapters. These are located in Bemidji, Grand Forks, and Mankato. 2014 has been our biggest year with guided trips to Boston (Sea Ducks), South Dakota (Snow Geese), Devils Lake( Ice Tournament), and Rochester (Late Season Canadas). We already are entered in three fishing tournaments this summer and have hunts for prairie dogs in ND and SD lined up!

Interested parties can apply for adventures by downloading an application at our website, www.wwgsmn.org or by emailing any of us.

(all that is required is for the applicant to be a veteran, although veterans with any service connected disability take preference)

If anyone would like to become involved they can email, call, or inquire on our webpage including sponsorships or donations. All of our funds go directly towards expenses for the Warriors (as our trips are all inclusive) and stay local!

Most recently we have moved our trips into SD and MN! In 2015 we will have trips for prairie dogs, A pheasant hunt and two fishing trips in the great state of SD alone!


David Morse


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If you or a friend, relative or loved one who served their country would like to appear as a guest on American Hero Outdoors Television, please contact us as we are reaching out to as many heroes as possible as we film each season.

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