Local vets got to relax and enjoy American Heroes Outdoors for free Sunday at West Acres Cinema

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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) – One locally produced TV show thanks veterans by sharing their stories while helping them achieve things they haven’t in years.

And Sunday those ‘adventures’ were put on the big screen.

Veterans, and those that work to help them, flowed into West Acres Cinema for the season 2 premiere of American Heroes Outdoors: a show that documents the journey, commitment, struggle and healing of our veterans.

“They’ve sacrificed so much for our nation that to do this small gesture of friendship, of kinship, it just feels good,” said David Morse with American Heroes Outdoors.

The TV host says it’s a special, therapeutic way for the veterans to experience outdoor activities like hunting and fishing and it’s taking them back to fond memories from their past.

“I grew up doing that,” said Darrell Stafford, a Korean/Vietnam War Vet.

“You know I hadn’t done that for just ages,” said Bob Berg, Korean War Veteran.

Bob Berg served 2 years in the Korean War and Darrell Stafford served for 20 years and in both the Korean and Vietnam War.

Recently both took part in an outdoor adventure.

“They had a lot of equipment. They had depth finder and cameras. It was a good experience. I really enjoyed it,” said Berg.

“That’s good for some of the veterans. Some of them can’t get out and do that, but they take them out so they can do that,” said Stafford.

And Sunday the journey was full circle as they watched the adventures and stories of veterans like them, for free.

“It’s good for us to get out. We’re having quite an experience,” said Berg.

“I really appreciate you coming out and supporting our cause and for those of you who have served. I appreciate your service,” said Morse.

And just like these veterans are being recognized for their service, organizations that make the trips possible are being recognized by veterans.

“That’s really nice because otherwise I wouldn’t get to go, you know? You’d be surprised how much that helps a person,” said Stafford.

The TV show does not organize the trips.

It finds groups organizing the trips like the Wounded Warriors Guide Service, Hunters Helping Heroes, and Fishing with Vets.

Katy Wilson / WDAY 6 News at 6


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